We’re Your Web Services Partner

Websites, domain names, database, and email services.

SITEWORKS purchased its first domain name in July of 1995 and later started at www.siteworks.com as the SITEWORKS Hosting Network. We have been in the web hosting business since March, 1996, serving both personal and professional sites in the domestic and international markets.

The company remains a profitable, privately held business that values and encourages a healthy internet economy. We take pride in our staff and are happy to say that we have both hosting clients and staff that have been with us since 1997!

Because of the unique 100{0fb6d709996b2930e130723dc652348fbbc96de5d1654be6529d55f6fc1899a0} Uptime Solutions we offer, we utilize four geographically diverse (USA) datacenters. Each is a secure backbone network operating facility. Staff members are located on both the West and East coasts (USA). We do not use outsourcing. All staff are native English speakers.

A few comments about our hosting philosophies. We do not agree with the current hosting climate of extensive overselling. With 24 years of hosting experience, we prefer realistic host packages that demonstrate responsible server management. That said, as the market changes, new and current clients are seeing incredible deals from other hosting companies that offer excessive amounts of storage and traffic. In order to remain competitive in the current host market, we will now offer UNLIMITED individual hosting packages at low prices, but we will extensively monitor server resources, including CPU and memory usage.

SITEWORKS engages in:

  • Responsible server management.
  • Performing communications with Respect.
  • Keeping clients informed of issues that may affect them.
  • Conducting business in a friendly and personal manner.
  • Extending a high level of service to both incoming and exiting clients.

Please keep in mind we are a US based hosting company. Our staff, equipment, service providers, utilities, etc are all located in the US. This affects our prices accordingly.